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Information elements provided on household consumer bills in EU MSs and Norway – 2018 (number of MSs)
As reported by NRAs to CEER for the MMR

Fields to export

Household bill element 2018 Electricity bills - no. of countries 2018 Gas bills - no. of countries
Price to pay2926
Consumption for the billing period2825
Breakdown of price2624
Due date of payment2622
Contact details of supplier2524
Current actual prices2523
Consumption based on actual or estimated reading2422
Tariff name2221
Customer's switching code for supply point2120
Consumption comparisons with previous year2018
Information on rights of dispute settlement2013
Contact information for consumer organisations1612
Fuel company mix140
Website addresses for energy efficiency improvement measures, comparative end-user profiles, etc1410
Fuel product mix130
Contact details of dispute settlement128
Duration of the contract66
Consumption comparisons with average customer63
Information on switching44
A link or reference to CTs22