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Absolute aggregate sum of UFs
ACER calculations based on ENTSO-E and Vulcanus data
Figure 32

Fields to export

Border Capacity Calculation Region Year Unscheduled Flows
DE - NLCore (CWE)20187.04
DE - NLCore (CWE)20174.37
DE - NLCore (CWE)20165.71
DE - NLCore (CWE)20157.94
DE - FRCore (CWE)201817.11
DE - FRCore (CWE)201711.11
DE - FRCore (CWE)201615.68
DE - FRCore (CWE)201520.26
BE - NLCore (CWE)20187.06
BE - NLCore (CWE)20174.15
BE - NLCore (CWE)20165.80
BE - NLCore (CWE)20158.10
BE - FRCore (CWE)20187.19
BE - FRCore (CWE)20174.25
BE - FRCore (CWE)20165.85
BE - FRCore (CWE)20158.23
HU - SKCore (excl. CWE)20182.63
HU - SKCore (excl. CWE)20172.05
HU - SKCore (excl. CWE)20162.55
HU - SKCore (excl. CWE)20152.69
HU - ROCore (excl. CWE)20182.16
HU - ROCore (excl. CWE)20172.43
HU - ROCore (excl. CWE)20162.19
HU - ROCore (excl. CWE)20152.35
AT - SICore (excl. CWE)20182.18
AT - SICore (excl. CWE)20172.02
AT - SICore (excl. CWE)20162.04
AT - SICore (excl. CWE)20151.58
CZ - PLCore (excl. CWE)20183.57
CZ - PLCore (excl. CWE)20174.86
CZ - PLCore (excl. CWE)20166.24
CZ - PLCore (excl. CWE)20158.67
CZ - SKCore (excl. CWE)20182.79
CZ - SKCore (excl. CWE)20172.30
CZ - SKCore (excl. CWE)20161.99
CZ - SKCore (excl. CWE)20152.05
DE - PLCore (excl. CWE)20186.24
DE - PLCore (excl. CWE)20178.40
DE - PLCore (excl. CWE)201610.30
DE - PLCore (excl. CWE)201513.18
PL - SKCore (excl. CWE)20183.00
PL - SKCore (excl. CWE)20174.85
PL - SKCore (excl. CWE)20164.38
PL - SKCore (excl. CWE)20155.30
AT - HUCore (excl. CWE)20182.14
AT - HUCore (excl. CWE)20172.10
AT - HUCore (excl. CWE)20161.85
AT - HUCore (excl. CWE)20151.95
CZ - DECore (excl. CWE)20185.69
CZ - DECore (excl. CWE)20176.41
CZ - DECore (excl. CWE)20165.25
CZ - DECore (excl. CWE)20154.48
AT - DECore (excl. CWE)201810.99
AT - DECore (excl. CWE)201712.61
AT - DECore (excl. CWE)201613.86
AT - DECore (excl. CWE)201514.79
AT - CZCore (excl. CWE)20189.83
AT - CZCore (excl. CWE)201712.01
AT - CZCore (excl. CWE)201611.64
AT - CZCore (excl. CWE)201512.87
HR - HUCore (excl. CWE)20181.96
HR - HUCore (excl. CWE)20172.72
HR - HUCore (excl. CWE)20162.97
HR - HUCore (excl. CWE)20152.09
FR - ITItaly North20185.13
FR - ITItaly North20176.25
FR - ITItaly North20165.63
FR - ITItaly North20154.68
AT - ITItaly North20180.90
AT - ITItaly North20170.99
AT - ITItaly North20160.92
AT - ITItaly North20150.74
IT - SIItaly North20183.36
IT - SIItaly North20174.24
IT - SIItaly North20163.50
IT - SIItaly North20152.48
CH - FRSwiss borders20189.92
CH - FRSwiss borders20176.70
CH - FRSwiss borders20169.18
CH - FRSwiss borders201510.80
AT - CHSwiss borders20183.36
AT - CHSwiss borders20173.15
AT - CHSwiss borders20163.11
AT - CHSwiss borders20153.77
CH - DESwiss borders201810.07
CH - DESwiss borders20177.45
CH - DESwiss borders20169.63
CH - DESwiss borders20159.83
CH - ITSwiss borders20184.13
CH - ITSwiss borders20174.48
CH - ITSwiss borders20164.62
CH - ITSwiss borders20153.87