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Estimated social welfare gains still to be obtained from further extending DA market coupling per border
ACER calculations based on ENTSO-E, NRAs and Vulcanus data
Figure 25

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Border Year Estimated social welfare gains (million Euro)
HR - SI201722.40
HR - HU20176.46
GB - IE201735.19
GB - NI201725.77
BG - GR201722.46
CH - FR201726.80
BG - RO201725.16
CZ - DE(TENNET)201712.62
CH - DE201715.11
GR - IT20176.00
AT - CZ201710.30
AT - CH20175.67
AT - HU20172.80
CH - IT201721.54
HR - SI201835.67
HR - HU201835.45
GB - IE201825.41
GB - NI201819.52
BG - GR201819.45
CH - FR201819.25
BG - RO201818.98
CZ - DE(TENNET)201815.80
CH - DE201811.45
GR - IT20189.88
AT - CZ20188.40
AT - CH20187.94
AT - HU20187.34
CH - IT20186.84