Data Item Details

NTC change per border
ACER calculations based on ENTSO-E, NRAs and Nord Pool data
Figure 10

Data item data can be filtered and exported as an Excel file.
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Fields to export

Capacity calculation region Oriented border Absolute difference (MW) Percentage difference (%)
Core (excl. CWE)AT - CZ223.9441%
Core (excl. CWE)AT - HU173.6835%
Core (excl. CWE)AT - SI162.5223%
Core (excl. CWE)CZ - AT140.1124%
Core (excl. CWE)CZ - SK130.957%
Core (excl. CWE)CZ+DE+SK - PL251.3444%
Core (excl. CWE)HU - AT182.6731%
Core (excl. CWE)PL - CZ103.2212%
Core (excl. CWE)PL - CZ+DE+SK753.3093%
Core (excl. CWE)SK - HU-102.07-8%
Core (tech. prof.)CZ+PL - DE_50HZT-109.09-8%
Greece-Italy (GRIT)GR - IT134.7041%
Greece-Italy (GRIT)IT - GR134.7642%
HansaDE_LU - DK2192.0549%
HansaDK1 - DE_LU298.4232%
HansaDK2 - DE_LU162.2143%
NordicDK2 - SE4114.7411%
NordicFI - SE3-104.83-9%
NordicSE3 - DK1-106.48-17%
Norwegian bordersDK1 - NO2-187.57-15%
Norwegian bordersNO1 - SE3-134.83-8%
Norwegian bordersNO2 - DK1-244.31-20%
Norwegian bordersNO2 - NL103.7918%
Norwegian bordersSE3 - NO1-229.28-14%
SEERO - BG102.2637%
SWEES - PT392.4518%
SWEFR - ES-366.45-14%
SWEPT - ES207.607%
Swiss bordersCH - AT-281.84-27%
Swiss bordersCH - IT_NORTH-140.37-5%