Data Item Details

Data item data can be filtered and exported as an Excel file.
The reason for exporting is asked during export once per session.

Average relative MACZT and percentage of time when the minimum 70% target is achieved on DC bidding-zone borders
ACER calculations based on ENTSO-E/TSOs and Nordpool data
Figure 11

Fields to export

Non oriented border Share with MACZT >= 70% MACZT relative
FI - SE30.990.99
EE - FI0.980.99
GR - IT0.990.99
FR - GB0.970.98
GB - NL0.990.93
DK1 - NO20.960.91
NL - NO20.850.89
GB - SEM0.870.88
DK1 - SE30.800.84
LT - SE40.780.82
DE_LU - DK20.830.82
LT - PL0.550.64
PL - SE40.460.59