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Average national shares of types of final household consumer complaints in gas directly addressed to NRAs for EU MSs and Norway – 2015-2018 (%)
As reported by NRAs to CEER for the MMR
"Other" can refer to: Unfair commercial practices, Customer services, Switching, Quality of supply, Redress, Metering, Disconnection due to no or late payment, Activation.

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Complaint type (2018) % in 2018 Complaint type (2017) % in 2017 Complaint type (2016) % in 2016 Complaint type (2015) % in 2015
Invoicing and debt collection28.87Invoicing and debt collection26.80Invoicing/billing and debt collection 27Invoicing/billing and debt collection 36
Grid connection and metering25.08Grid connection and metering20.10Contracts 11Contracts and sales13
Contracts and sales13.96Disconnections and activation9.30Unfair commercial practices10Connection to the grid8
Prices6.39Contracts and sales7.20Grid connection and metering8Price/tariff7
Customer services5.75Prices6.90Switching6Provider change/switching7